Boracay Escapade For A Day!!!

Yes, you read it right, just for a day in Bora! When I started booking our flight last Feb 20 (we were 5 in this trip), I got so excited and never thought how short our stay would be. Impulsiveness or/stupidity?! Well I don’t think so! Of course, we planned to extend our stay but would cost 8k bucks just for a day or 11k for 2 days!

Not practical since only Les and I would be sharing for this trip’s expenses. In addition, we thought we could use that amount of money for another beach getaway next time (Either Coron or Bohol naman! soon sana!).

Going back to our escapade, when we first got there, we were mesmerized by its world class beauty!

We spent our first morning on island hopping for 4 hours after having breakfast! Yun nga lang nagsawa agad ako sa dagat! Lol

When I wet down from the boat for snorkeling I was in heaven… hihi parang bata lang! I had a small bread with me and started feeding the fishes!

The first row photo is Shangri-la and the 2nd column photo is Pacquiao’s property.

We had an early Lunch at Puka shell Beach! Yum! We had fresh fish cooked as sinigang, grilled pork, another grilled fish. I forgot the name eh pero wala raw sa Manila un, it’s very fresh, super sarrap, full of goodness! Tanggal ang wrinkles mo pag nakakaen ka! hahaha!

Lunch @ puka shell beach
Puka Shell Beach

I spent the whole afternoon beach bumming and of course taking photos!


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